Z Travel Hood - Z wholesale Pre-orders (MOQ 200 pcs)

Z TRAVEL HOOD is the ultimate solution to all your traveling discomforts. The main purpose of Z Travel Hood is to create a quiet and private atmosphere around the traveler’s head. Put it on during a long journey and enjoy your rest while protecting your face.


Consisting of a hood and a bag, Z TRAVEL HOOD is produced with an exceptionally soft micro-fleece that is light, breathable, and safe (Oeko-tex standard 100 a high-quality international norm).


At present, it can be used as an addition to the face mask even a face shield to offer more protection against viruses.


Z Travel Hood is available in 3 colors:
- Navy blue (*) color available for this special offer  
- Dark grey
- and Light grey (silver)

When not in stock - products are made specially in accordance with each order. In such a case, you will be informed of the delivery delays.

Z Travel Hood - Z wholesale Pre-orders (MOQ 200 pcs)

$7,762.50 Regular Price
$7,296.75Sale Price
Color: Navy
    • Z TRAVEL HOOD can also be used while traveling in public transport to finish your night, and even at work for a short nap. Use it anywhere to maintain your privacy while enjoying your rest.
    • The following factors are the main contributors to sleep disruption while traveling (notably by plane): Noise, lights from electronic devices. cold drafts of air, passengers or flight crew passing by, lack of Privacy. 
    • Current solutions, like sleeping masks, don’t entirely cover up the face of the sleeper. Also, sleeping masks block the light from falling on the partially covered area and can disfigure makeup lines. 
    • Z TRAVEL HOOD has been designed to meet these needs and you can use it with your favorite neck pillow.
    • Z TRAVEL HOOD is the perfect addition to your boutique. It can be purchased whole for a minimum quantity of 200 pieces. As Teamwork makes the dreamwork. You may partner with 3 other business owners of your choice to secure the minimum quantity.
    • All the products are made to order.

    *** NOTE: Neck Pillows are not sold with the Z TRAVEL HOOD

    *** ABOUT: Production for small businesses and big companies:

    • Z Handy Gift wholesale offer is adapted to small businesses and big companies. Depending on the volumes, we can have your products handled by our partners in manufacturing or we can license big customers so they can manufacture independently while respecting our standard requirements.
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