Z SANI POCKET - Z - wholesale consolidated orders (MOQ 25/100 pieces)

Z SANI POCKET allows you to minimize the spread of viruses and to ensure that you and everyone around you stay safe.


With Z SANI POCKET, you don’t need to dive your hands into your backpack or purse to reach for your sanitizer. You can put your sanitizer and other small skincare products in the Z SANI POCKET and avoid the risk of spreading viruses to the contents of your bag.


It also provides quick access to skincare products for those who have allergies or dryness issues. This product is quite easy to carry due to its small size [L5"xW3"] and lighter weight and is also convenient to clean as it is machine washable.

Z SANI POCKET - Z - wholesale consolidated orders (MOQ 25/100 pieces)

Made in
    • Z SANI POCKET is an accessory that can be adjusted on your wrist, waist belt, or on objects that you carry such as strollers, bags, backpacks, etc
    • Z SANI POCKET is available in different colors. The range of available colors changes with seasons.
    • You can choose to have a personalized logo as a label for this product. The default logo is the “Z SANI POCKET” label
    • Z SANI POCKET is an item of Z Handy Towels collection because it's part of our skin cleaning items. We wanted to use toweling fabric for the making of this product so that it is machine-washable, light, and breathable.
    • Z SANI POCKET fits 1-2 standard 1 oz products and several other small-sized portable contents to provide you with easy access whenever you need them.
    • Each Z SANI POCKET item is made with great care and detailed stitches to ensure a sturdy construction that may be used over and over again.

     ** Sanitizer is not included / Sanitizer recharges are not included 

    ** Please Note: The colors shown may differ due to what is available at the time of production.

    ** Sanitizer is not included / Sanitizer recharges are not included**

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