Z MINI SCRUB pack - wholesale (MOQ 300 pieces)

The Z MINI SCRUB PACK is a little collection of mini scrubs (4 pieces) for you to use anywhere you are.

These small-sized scrubs are made with a soft cotton terry fabric combined with the true African bath net that has been used for generations.


This material provides your skin with a shiny glow and keeps it clean.

Z MINI SCRUB pack - wholesale (MOQ 300 pieces)

Color: Sets 1/2/3 (variable colors)
    • This product has been developed keeping in view the need to improve your presentation instantly. You can use it at home or carry it anywhere with you.
    • Its size and volume help it to fit in purses and small bags easily. 
    • This durable item is available as a set of 4 differently-colored pieces.
    • However, if the customer wants, they can be ordered to be of the same color.
    • The Z MINI SCRUB PACK is made with regard to keeping the appearance of the user fresh. This is why it is made with extra care and is highly durable.
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