Z FACE SCRUB pocket - wholesale (MOQ 300 pieces)

Z Handy Towels collection also includes the Z FACE SCRUB POCKET.


A container for your beauty products that are sturdy and lightweight, the Z FACE SCRUB POCKET is made with a soft cotton terry fabric combined with the true African bath net used for generations.


Gentle enough for daily use it deeply exfoliates to slough dead skin cells and stimulate circulation leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

Z FACE SCRUB pocket - wholesale (MOQ 300 pieces)

Made in
    • Z Face Scrub pocket is an item of Z Handy Towels collection. This durable item is made with a soft cotton terry cloth and an African bath net specially manufactured for skin usage. 
    • Z Face Scrub pocket is available in different colors to perfectly fit any bathroom decoration.
    • Its aesthetic look makes it a perfect gift for any occasion when its tiny size makes it a perfect travel item.
    • We consider that perfect finishes are a key aspect of quality products. So we pay particular attention to the making of these products to ensure that they are not only durable but are also easy on the users’ skin.
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