Z BODY SCRUB Delux - Retail (1 piece)

Z BODY SCRUB Delux is one of our many high-quality products from our Z Handy Towels collection that revitalize your skin. It's made with a velvet toweling fabric.


Z BODY SCRUB Delux is made with the true African bath net that has been used
for generations. One side standard face towel / one side scrubber item.


Gentle enough for daily use, it deeply exfoliates to slough dead skin cells and stimulates circulation, leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

Z BODY SCRUB Delux - Retail (1 piece)

$32.90 Regular Price
$24.68Sale Price
    • Z BODY SCRUB Delux is an item of Z Handy Towels collection. This durable item is made with a soft terry cloth and an African bath net specially manufactured for skin usage. 
    • To ensure that this product fits in with your bathroom decoration, it is available in multiple colors. Whatever color you select, the Z BODY SCRUB Deluxwill blend in with the aesthetics of the place.
    • Along with a beautiful appearance, this product is top-quality and is highly durable. It is a testament to our aim of keeping up with our high standards to provide you the best products with perfect finishes.
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