Survey Policy - Welcome to our elders

Z Handy Gifts LLC - Welcome to our elders
UPDATED April 10th 2020

This policy is dedicated to this specific survey

1 - Why do we collect such personal information ?:

for this particular survey we collect the information that you agree to give us for the purposes of information for retirement homes in your region - retirement homes who would like to dispose of these input as part of securing people at risk f they consider that option.

2 - What will we publish on our social media ?:

We will only publish on our social networks the global figures by city as well as the dates that you have entered.
- The following information will be published: First name, city, number of rooms available, dates.
- The following information will NOT be published: telephone, email.

3 - What will we give with your authorization to nursing homes on their request ?:

If you have filled them in, your personal information - name, telephone, email - may be given to retirement homes if they request it.
Then it will allow retirement homes to contact you to study the feasibility of possible "Welcome to our elders".

4 - What to do if you don't want your personal data to be communicated to nursing homes ?:

If you do not want all or part of your personal data to be communicated to retirement homes, please do not fill in the ones you do not want to communicate. Or do not fill in the survey form.

5 - What is the role of Z HANDY GIFT ?:

The role of Z Handy Gift here is to initiate a movement of solidarity with our seniors. This could open an option to secure our elders.
The role of Z Handy Gift will stop at the collection and communication of the data that people will agree to give to retirement homes.

6 - Questions about your contact information:

If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, you are invited to contact us at

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