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Grouped bulk purchases policy

Z Handy Gift LLC - Grouped Bulk Purchases Policy
UPDATED February 5th 2020

Z Handy Gift offer a Grouped Bulk pre-order option to customers.

This offer is dedicated to small businesses or to buyers who wants to test our products with minimum inventories.
Several buyers (knowing themselves or not) can regroup in order to buy small quantities of a specific product. The global wholesale order is made of wholesale sub-orders (5/6 maximum depending on the product and at Z Handy Gift appreciation).

The global wholesale order is always placed by Z Handy Gift to the factory as soon as the number of items orders is compliant with the minimum quantity required by the production factories.

 Possibility to shop wholesale while keeping low inventories.
 Local businesses can test the product before buying it in bulk.
 Opportunity for multiple potential buyers to reach out to us at once.

 The global wholesale order is placed when the minimum quantity for the product is reached. So, there is a possibility of delays and delivery timing cannot be defined.
 Once the global wholesale order is placed to the factory, it cannot be withdrawn
by the buyers.

Z HANDY GIFT will refund customers 100% of the pre-order payment if the quota is not reached within 8 weeks.

The request must be made by email at

Refund will be applied to the original payment method used to pre-order

Grouped bulk purchases policy
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