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The quality of the raw materials we are using to manufacture all our products is a key topic and specially for our young kids items. Oeko-tex is one of our favorite certification along with GOTS and CPCA. 


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Z Tiny Blanket® Sherpa - India collection

Z Tiny Blanket is a multi-functional plaid blanket for toddlers. It can be used indoors and outdoors as: - park cover, - plaid, - travel plaid blanket ...


More details on the catalog via the link below 


Z Tiny Pillow Sherpa - India collection

Very soft mini-cushion Z Tiny Pillow - 2 sizes Large and Small - different shapes - square, Rond, Rectangular, Cloud.

The cushion cover is made of a very soft sherpa fleece OEKO-TEX certified.

These mini pillows match perfectly with the Z Tiny Blankets for unique gifts.


Z Luni Pous7®

Z Luni Pous7 accessory for strollers is a practical alternative to the parasol sometimes considered impractical and cumbersome. In his carriage, in all seasons, the sun or simply too much light or cold wind can bother your child.


Z Luni Pous7 will always be at your fingertips.

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