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- You are already member of our Facebook group Small Businesses Concept Store

- and after sending your business information you have receive and validate your "business badge" showing how your business will be presented in the Community Store.

Two last steps need to be completed:

I - choose your plan using this link hereunder

II - submit your posts mentioning on the headline


The headline is important - It's how people will find you quickly in the community Store.

Listing your business in the Community Store

2 steps when you're already a group member

Choose your plan at

Subscribe to:

Business listing:

- 3 months plan with 15 days free trial (one-time payment)

- a 6 months plan with 15 days free trial (one-time payment)

- or 12 months plan with 15 days free trial (one-time payment)

Business space listing:

- 2 months plan for your business space offer (one-time payment)

How to post on the group page

add booth reference and a link to the community Store on all your posts

Example of Small Businesses Concept Store Post

mentioning a booth reference and the link to the community Store

Example of "business badge" for


Example of "business badge" for



You will need to create your account with your email and a password

Here is the link to access the community Store

To visit your community Store

Create your account in


You will be granted access rights to private group areas in the Community Store (skip this step if you have already subscribed to view the Store DEMO )

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