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How to list your business in the Community Store

when you're not a group member

  1. Showcasing your offering in our Community Store will get your products and services out of thousands of social media posts.

  2.  You also have the ability to reduce business costs by sharing boutique spaces

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Concept Store subscribe to

view DEMO

We are happy to help you join our Community Concept Store. 

Please follow the links below to complete the process.

Subscribe page services

I - Apply to be member of the Small Businesses Concept Store Facebook group

A Store is linked to a group 

II - Create your account in to be granted access rights to private group areas in the Community Store (skip this step if you have already subscribed to view the Store DEMO )

III - Send your business information 2 ways:

1 - Directly on the group page after your application is validated

You will find LISTING POSTS identified with a Vendor badge. Just drop your website link in the comment. 

2 - Or use the form below if you are not a group member yet or you are a member of an affiliate group  

Here we collect data to assist in creating your business badge, communicate with you and choose the right  positioning of your business in the Community Store.

IV - Choose your plan at

Select one of the plan below. All plans require a one-time payment:

Business listing:

- 3 months plan with 15-days free trial (one-

- a 6 months plan with 15-days free trial (one-

- or 12 months plan with-15 days free trial 

Business space listing:

- 2 months plan for your business space offer 

Collecting data for "SHOP YOUR MEMBERS"
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